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В Америке вышла замечательная книжка по кайв дайвингу: ”Cave Diving: Articles and Opinions. A Comprehensive Guide to Cave Diving and Exploration”
Фактически это сборник статей по самым насущным и актуальным темам в развитии техники и тактики исследования подводных пещер.
Выпущена она одной из самых опытных и авторитетных организаций в теме: Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society.
Прикрепленный файл  CDA_OcoverM.jpg   45,49К   63 Количество загрузок:
320 страниц и 56 частей. Думаю, что там есть практически все!

Содержание выглядит следующим образом:

Cave Diving History Time Line by Bill Oigarden and Kelly Jessop
Finding Cave Diver Training in the 1970s by Bill Oigarden
Geology of Cave and Karst by Jerry Murphy MS,PG
Cave Diving and Conservation Hydrogeology by Todd Kincaid PhD
Fauna and Conservation of Submerged Cave Systems by Jill Yager PhD
Biology of Underwater Caves by Tom Illife PhD
Conservation by Jeffrey Bozanic PhD
Basic Cave Equipment by Jill Heinerth
Modern Lights for Cave Diving by Lamar Hires
Use of Guidelines by Jill Heinerth
Propulsion Techniques by Kelly Jessop
Gas Supply Management by Jill Heinerth
Open Circuit and Rebreather Gas Management by Kevin Gurr
The Debate Over “Doing it Right” by Jarrod Jablonski
Accident Analysis by Jeffrey Bozanic PhD
Accident Analysis by Lamar Hires
Survival Psychology by David Sawatzky MD
Psychology of Cave Divers by Bill Oigarden LMHC
Who Do You Want to Dive With by Bill Oigarden LMHC
Team Diving Methods and Motivations by Mark Messersmith and Todd Leonard
Fitness and Dive Safely by Cameron Martz ACSM H/FI
Inert Gas Narcosis by Hal Watts
Nitrox for Cave Divers by Larry Collins
Mixed Gas and Decompression Diving by Claudia Milz PhD
Hypothermia and Cave Diving by David Sawatzky MD
Thermal Protection and Cave Diving by David Sawatzky MD
Women and Technical Diving by Jill Heinerth
Practical Decompression by Jeffrey Bozanic PhD
Doppler and Decompression Sickness by David Sawatzky MD
Dive Computers by Gene Melton
Computers of the Future by Jerry Murphy and Jill Heinerth
Decompression Models by Gene Melton
DPV Use in Caves by Paul Heinerth
Cave Photography and Travel by Jill Heinerth
My Journey into Underwater Photography by Harvey Boyd
Getting the Shot by Jill Heinerth
Initial Exploration of New Caves by Cindy Butler
Ridgewalking and Locating Caves Utilizing GPS by Brian Williams
Landowner Relations by Mike Poucher
Dive Referencing by Guy Bryant
Introduction to Maps by Mike Poucher
Remote or Expeditionary Cave Diving by Ann Kristovich DDS and Jim Bowden
Cyber Diving by Russell Edge
Tips for Traveling Divers by Pete Nawrocky
Cold Water Cave Diving by Ron Simmons
A Blueprint for Rebreather Diving by Jill Heinerth
Sidemount Cave Diving for the Independent Diver by Brian Kakuk
Diving by Jason Richards
Stage Diving by Ward Beecher
Low Visibility Diving by Al Heck
A Quick Guide to Sump Diving by Forrest Wilson
Intro to Sump Diving by Joe Kaffl
Putting it All Together for Sump Diving by Ron Simmons
Sump Diving by Jason Richards
Plus appendix information and a detailed index

Стоит 43 USD без доставки. По сегодняшним ценам на книги в России вполне приемлемая цена. Рекомендую как новогодний подарок :)

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